Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to my blog...

Bonjour....!!! Assalamualaikum..

   I’m so glad that we meet again...I am very sorry because this is the 1st time I make my own blog in my end tire life…hehehhee… not just because I not update my blog…but I must try to create the blog. Honestly it not easy as u look after you try and error… Later on you know the way to creating the blog…. “It’s as easy as A, B, C”. Lately, I'm so busy with my 5th semester subjects and other things. So many task and job that need to finished. Alhamdulillah… It’s going smoothly as I plan on it and was on the track. Many of my friends were create their own blog as this is part of our assignment test in part of our syllabus... me why I create this blog? This is one of the parts that as my lecture… Chef Ali Mohamad Noor, told us to put our masterpiece picture into the blog to introduce everyone about it as one of our subject… but another part of me creating this blog is to make my legacy as part FOOD STYLING, FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY and CHEF that will complete my life!!!. Part of that, everyone of my class must create one blog for their own. Food styling!!! What is food styling?? For your information, food styling is the art of preparing food for commercial photography. Here, we learn how to prepared food for looks more delicious, attractive, appetizing etc. As you know, eyes eat first.

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