Monday, March 29, 2010

Assigment 10 : The place to come for great tasting burgers, “JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE THEM”

The place to come for great tasting burgers, “JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE THEM” and proudly serve the best burgers in the business, plus a variety of real, authentic foods…all freshly prepared…just the way you want it.


                   HAVE IT YOUR WAY; The one and only super burger sandwich appetizing meal! Indulge yourself with irresistible, aromatic tasty flame–grilled to perfection and everything you would expect and dreaming from a great-tasting classic juicy burger. Complemented majestically with 212 gram of flamed-grilled homemade beef petty with the red sweet juicy tomatoes, fresh green lettuce, and a secret homemade creamy mayonnaise, superb sweet ketchup, topped with our traditional black pepper sauce for that extra kick!!! Crunchy old pickles, deliciously Swiss cheese and finally earthy fresh onions all on a freshly pressed between soft toasted sesame seed bun, a truly royal burger fit for a King’s glory. Knower wonder it the best burger in the world for created double the fun, double the taste, delicious and captivating taste. Create a feast for the eyes and tummy, a truly crispy, tender and mouth watering experience for you. Guaranteed satisfy your long awaited craving for the true taste bud indulge yourself most satisfaction “Bon Appetite”…   ;p

Please double click at every burger picture to see real photo, clarify image and best zooming view that meat in eyes..

Thank you.

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